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The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching


In this beautiful book, Thich Nhat Hanh brings his gift of clear and poetic expression to an explanation of the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, and other basic Buddhist teachings. Here’s an extract:

The Second Miracle of Mindfulness is to make the other — the sky, the flower, our child — present, also. In the Vietnamese epic poem Tale of Kieu, Kieu returns to the apartment of her beloved, Kim Trong, and finds him fast asleep at his desk, his head resting on a pile of books. Kim Trong hears Kieu’s footsteps, but, not quite awake, he asks, “Are you really there, or am I dreaming?” Kieu replies, “Now we have the opportunity to see each other clearly. But if we do not live deeply this moment, it will be only a dream.” You and your loved one are here together. You have the chance to see each other deeply. But if you are not fully present, everything will be like a dream.

The Third Miracle of Mindfulness is to nourish the object of your attention. When was the last time you looked into the eyes of your beloved and asked, “Who are you, my darling?” Don’t be satisfied by a superficial answer. Ask again: “Who are you who has taken my suffering as your suffering, my happiness as your happiness, my life and death as your life and death? My love, why aren’t you a dewdrop, a butterfly, a bird?” Ask with your whole being. If you do not give right attention to the one you love, it is a kind of killing. When you are in the car together, if you are lost in your thoughts, assuming you already know everything about her, she will slowly die. But with mindfulness, your attention will water the wilting flower. “I know you are here, beside me, and it makes me very happy.” With attention, you will be able to discover many new and wonderful things — her joys, her hidden talents, her deepest aspirations. If you do not practice appropriate attention, how can you say you love her?

The Fourth Miracle of Mindfulness is to relieve the other’s suffering. “I know you are suffering. That is why I am here for you.” You can say this with words or just by the way you look at her. If you are not truly present, if you are thinking about other things, the miracle of relieving suffering cannot be realized. In difficult moments, if you have a friend who can be truly present with you, you know you are blessed. To love means to nourish the other with appropriate attention. When you practice Right Mindfulness, you make yourself and the other person present at the same time. “Darling, I know you are there. Your presence is precious to me.” If you do not express this while you are together, when she passes away or has an accident, you will only cry, because before the accident happened, you did not know how to be truly happy together.

So beautiful it brings tears to my eyes!

Read the book!


O Segundo Milagre da Atenção Plena é fazer o outro ‒ o céu, a flor, nosso filho ‒ presente também. No poema épico vietnamita Conto de Kieu, Kieu retorna ao apartamento de seu amado, Kim Trong, e o encontra dormindo em sua mesa, com a cabeça apoiada em uma pilha de livros. Kim Trong ouve os passos de Kieu, mas, não estando completamente acordado, ele pergunta: “Você está mesmo aí, ou estou sonhando?” Kieu responde: “Agora temos a oportunidade de nos ver claramente. Mas se não vivermos profundamente este momento, será apenas um sonho”. Você e sua amada estão aqui juntos. Você tem a oportunidade de ver um ao outro com profundidade. Mas se você não estiver totalmente presente, tudo será como um sonho.


O terceiro milagre da atenção plena é nutrir o objeto de sua vigilância. Quando foi a última vez que você olhou nos olhos de sua amada e perguntou: “Quem é você, meu amor?” Não fique satisfeito com uma resposta superficial. Pergunte novamente: “Quem é você que tomou para si meu sofrimento, fez sua a minha felicidade, tomou para si minha vida e minha morte? Meu amor, por que você não é uma gota de orvalho, uma borboleta, um pássaro?” Pergunte com todo o seu ser. Se você não dá a devida atenção àquele que ama, é como se a assassinasse. Quando estão no carro juntos, se você está perdido em seus pensamentos, supondo que já sabe tudo sobre ela, ela vai morrer lentamente. Mas, com atenção plena, sua concentração vai regar a flor emurchecida. “Sei que você está aqui, ao meu lado, e isso me faz muito feliz.” Com atenção, você será capaz de descobrir muitas coisas novas e maravilhosas ‒ a alegrias dela, seus talentos ocultos, suas aspirações mais profundas. Se você não pratica a atenção plena, como pode dizer que a ama?


O Quarto Milagre da Atenção Plena é aliviar o sofrimento do outro. “Eu sei que você está sofrendo. É por isso que estou aqui: por você.” Você pode dizer isso com palavras ou apenas pelo olhar. Se você não está verdadeiramente presente, se está pensando em outras coisas, o milagre de aliviar o sofrimento não pode ser realizado. Em momentos difíceis, se tens um amigo que pode estar verdadeiramente presente contigo, você é um abençoado. Amar significa nutrir o outro com a devida atenção. Quando praticas a Atenção Plena Certa, você faz a si mesmo e a outra pessoa presente ao mesmo tempo. “Querida, eu sei que você está aí. Sua presença é preciosa para mim.” Se não expressares isso enquanto estiver junto, quando ela morrer ou tiver um acidente, você apenas chorará, porque antes que o acidente acontecesse, você não sabia como ser verdadeiramente feliz juntos.

Tão lindo que traz lágrimas aos meus olhos!

Leia o livro!

Por Edson José Cortiano

Who am I?
I don’t really know, but there are some things I can tell you about myself: my name, for instance. I’m Edson José Cortiano. I am 65 years of biological age (though I’m much younger/older spiritually) I live in the capital city Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, in the south of Brazil.

I am the proud father of a beautiful, wonderful, very bright woman called Lícia Brassac Cortiano (whom I call Lika), who’s a psychologist. When she was a teen, Lika would read Harry Potter to me, in English, making different voices for the different characters (I especially loved her Dumbledore). It was the best Harry Potter ever!

Professionally, I’m a teacher, translator, author and some people (very good friends of mine ;-) consider me an artist. I draw cartoons and comic strips, photograph, paint, illustrate books and write. I’m interested in improving myself and others physically, intellectually and spiritually. I’m into meditation, lucid dreaming, IF and moving (walking, mainly, but also wearing leg weights, bar and hand barbells).

I love nature, animals and plants, waterfalls, moonlit / starry nights, clouds, trees, grass, dogs, birds, cats – all cats, but especially my cats, Alien, Dorah and Ruby (they are my daughter’s, really) – horses ... even people ;-)

I don’t love stupidity, injustice, waste, pollution, materialism, prejudice, carnival, reality shows, people who do not clean up after their dogs, crowded places, especially supermarkets and buses and the VW van that sells donuts on my street, blaring ‘whipped cream filled donuts’, ‘crème filled donuts’ ... out of the very loud loudspeakers.

I love reading horror, poetry and comics. I write short stories, articles, plots for my comic strips (Espherozoa, The Philosopher, Chico Mate) and poems.

I love playing chess, cards and games such as the ones at Lumosity. On TV (actually, I don’t own a TV set), I only watch series and documentaries, especially on Netflix. Some of my preferences: Chasing Coral (I cried), Moving Art, Loving Vincent, The Handmaid’s Tale, Young Sheldon, Community, Modern Family, Frasier, etc.
I also love listening to podcasts. Some of my favorites are 10% Happier with Dan Harris, Lucid or Bust, Sleep Whispers, The Science of Happiness, The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, The Slowdown, Grammar Girl, and Word of the Day.

My goals in life are to be a first-class oneironaut, get 1,000 readers for my Facebook group I (heart) English, be a good companion, father, brother, son, friend, neighbor, citizen, human being, animal.

I admire smart, cultured people who are not hung up about to sex, religion, politics, who are open-minded and who appreciate good books, series, podcasts, comics, movies, songs, games, a healthy and delicious meal. You see, I’m an IF’er – one meal a day –, so you’ve got to really appreciate your food and make it count!
I also love chatting, especially live. (or, in these "beaky" times, on the phone or on Skype/Zoom/Google Hangouts...).

What I want from life?
I’ll let Clarice Lispector answer for me. “Freedom isn’t enough,” she writes. “What I want doesn’t have a name yet.”

Obrigado por sua avaliação!

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