Introducing My Dream Self

Cortiano enjoys spending his REM time being hopelessly late to teach a class, usually because he can’t find his books, or his schedule, or the classroom where he should have been teaching 5 minutes ago, and the halls leading to these often infuriatingly unfindable rooms keep shifting around while he’s rushing to them. He can be frequently spotted entering elevators that travel horizontally through buildings or sliding down stairs, which lead nowhere. Yes, he is an artist and a teacher whose shows or classes are right now. He just suddenly realized he is on the dais, in front of a large and sprawling audience and he can’t even write a word on the board, and his memory goes blank and he can’t understand what the students ask him.

He can never find his car after he parks it.

He can never return to a place after he’s left it.

He never remembers to look for the dream box that his daughter Lícia made for him (thanks Daniel Love), but one day (night?) he’ll find it, open it, and discover it contains 🏆 🎉 🎯 📣 👉 📖 📷 😻 🌻 ✈ 🌺 ✄ ⚡ 👇 🌛 ☕ 🎁, etc.

Occasionally, he flies.

Apresentando Meu Eu dos Sonhos

Cortiano gosta de passar seu tempo em REM irremediavelmente atrasado para dar uma aula, geralmente porque não consegue encontrar seus livros, seu horário, ou a sala de aula onde ele deveria estar lecionando há 5 minutos e os corredores que levam a essas salas inencontráveis ficam irritantemente se deslocando enquanto corre em slow motion por eles.

Com muita frequência, ele pode ser visto entrando em elevadores que viajam horizontalmente através de edifícios ou deslizando por escadas que não o levam a lugar nenhum.

Sim, ele é um artista e um professor cujas exposições ou aulas são agora. De repente ele percebe que ele está no tablado em frente de uma grande e espalhada audiência e não consegue escrever uma palavra no quadro, e sua memória dá um branco e não consegue sequer entender o que os alunos lhe perguntam.

Ele nunca consegue encontrar o carro depois de estacionar.

Ele nunca consegue retornar a um lugar de onde acabou de sair.

Ele nunca se lembra de procurar a caixa de sonhos que sua filha Lícia criou para ele (obrigado, Daniel Love), mas um dia (noite?), ele vai encontrá-la, abri-la e descobrir que contém 🏆 🎉 🎯 📣 👉 📖 📷 😻 🌻 ✈ 🌺 ✄ ⚡ 👇 🌛 ☕ 🎁, etc.

Ocasionalmente, ele voa.

(Teu problema? Subconsciente sem imaginação…)

Philosopher - Unimaginative Subconscious 0317

Por Edson José Cortiano

Who am I?
I don’t really know, but there are some things I can tell you about myself: my name, for instance. I’m Edson José Cortiano. I am 65 years of biological age (though I’m much younger/older spiritually) I live in the capital city Curitiba, in the state of Paraná, in the south of Brazil.

I am the proud father of a beautiful, wonderful, very bright woman called Lícia Brassac Cortiano (whom I call Lika), who’s a psychologist. When she was a teen, Lika would read Harry Potter to me, in English, making different voices for the different characters (I especially loved her Dumbledore). It was the best Harry Potter ever!

Professionally, I’m a teacher, translator, author and some people (very good friends of mine ;-) consider me an artist. I draw cartoons and comic strips, photograph, paint, illustrate books and write. I’m interested in improving myself and others physically, intellectually and spiritually. I’m into meditation, lucid dreaming, IF and moving (walking, mainly, but also wearing leg weights, bar and hand barbells).

I love nature, animals and plants, waterfalls, moonlit / starry nights, clouds, trees, grass, dogs, birds, cats – all cats, but especially my cats, Alien, Dorah and Ruby (they are my daughter’s, really) – horses ... even people ;-)

I don’t love stupidity, injustice, waste, pollution, materialism, prejudice, carnival, reality shows, people who do not clean up after their dogs, crowded places, especially supermarkets and buses and the VW van that sells donuts on my street, blaring ‘whipped cream filled donuts’, ‘crème filled donuts’ ... out of the very loud loudspeakers.

I love reading horror, poetry and comics. I write short stories, articles, plots for my comic strips (Espherozoa, The Philosopher, Chico Mate) and poems.

I love playing chess, cards and games such as the ones at Lumosity. On TV (actually, I don’t own a TV set), I only watch series and documentaries, especially on Netflix. Some of my preferences: Chasing Coral (I cried), Moving Art, Loving Vincent, The Handmaid’s Tale, Young Sheldon, Community, Modern Family, Frasier, etc.
I also love listening to podcasts. Some of my favorites are 10% Happier with Dan Harris, Lucid or Bust, Sleep Whispers, The Science of Happiness, The Intermittent Fasting Podcast, The Slowdown, Grammar Girl, and Word of the Day.

My goals in life are to be a first-class oneironaut, get 1,000 readers for my Facebook group I (heart) English, be a good companion, father, brother, son, friend, neighbor, citizen, human being, animal.

I admire smart, cultured people who are not hung up about to sex, religion, politics, who are open-minded and who appreciate good books, series, podcasts, comics, movies, songs, games, a healthy and delicious meal. You see, I’m an IF’er – one meal a day –, so you’ve got to really appreciate your food and make it count!
I also love chatting, especially live. (or, in these "beaky" times, on the phone or on Skype/Zoom/Google Hangouts...).

What I want from life?
I’ll let Clarice Lispector answer for me. “Freedom isn’t enough,” she writes. “What I want doesn’t have a name yet.”

Obrigado por sua avaliação!

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