Fun at School

Scant half a dozen scattered souls attended Ebeneezer Scrooge’s funeral. Besides being an ill-tempered, self-engrossed, long-faced creature, he had been a lifetime member of the Guild of the Sulky and an active fellow of the Academy of the Sullen.

A good teacher must travel on a diametrically opposite road to that trod by the sad Ebenezer. As the phrase reads: “Ill-temper is hazardous to your health” and to a solid interpersonal relationship too. A dash, maybe even a generous dose of good humor is an indispensable ingredient to a pleasant class.

Everyone feels more at ease in a classroom where the teacher can enjoy and laugh at a timely joke, especially if the subject of the class in dry and the Monday is gray and rainy.

Humor is one of the most contagious displays of mood.  When a class laughs together, as if by magic the psychological walls and social fences that keep students and teachers apart disappear. There are no longer masters and pupils, scholars and ignoramuses, rich and poor, men and women-only human beings having some fun together.

A teacher who injects opportune and healthy humor in his/her classes opens a slit in the spirit of his/her students whereof marvels escape: motivation, pleasure in learning, creativity, camaraderie, joy and many others. Humor exposes the myths, and schools, in general, suffer from being mythicized, remaining isolated and inaccessible. Humor opens up doors and airs dark rooms – that the self-indulgent and complacent would prefer locked and covered with dust and cobwebs. Humor ventilates the miasma of formalism, of academicism and of stuffy thinking.

There’s no solution without humor. Teacher, laugh at and with your students; your work, and theirs, will be more pleasurable and productive – no kidding. He who laughs, laughs best.

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